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Our heritage dates back to the Apollo space program of the 1960s, when our fuel cells powered and provided water for the first successful moon landing. While we were a division of the industrial giant United Technology Corporation (UTC), we spent decades developing groundbreaking products to make hydrogen fuel cells a viable way to power the world. We were the first company to commercialize the stationary fuel cell and developed the first hydrogen-powered vehicles.

In 2014, our predecessor entity was acquired by Doosan Group, an energy-focused multinational industrial powerhouse from Korea with more than 125 years of history. HyAxiom, as we are currently named, is a hybrid of two rich legacies, combining expertise in cutting-edge hydrogen technology with a proven track record of upscaling products and businesses to accelerate the adoption of hydrogen-based energy solutions worldwide.

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Our Past

We have been to the moon and back. Literally. Our heritage dates back to the Apollo space missions of the 1960s, when our fuel cells helped power the first successful moon landing. And we haven’t slowed down.

While we were a division of the industrial giant United Technology Corporation (UTC), we were first-in-class in commercializing the stationary fuel cell and developing hydrogen-powered vehicles. We have dedicated decades to building on these groundbreaking firsts in our quest to unlock the next stage of sustainable, carbon-free energy through our hydrogen solution offerings. Our products are designed to be technologically apt for everyday use for our communities and enterprises. In 2014, our predecessor entity (the fuel cell business unit of UTC) was acquired by Doosan Group, an energy-focused multinational industrial powers and a leading multinational conglomerate based in South Korea, with a history of more than 125 years. The acquisition combined UTC’s pioneering heritage in hydrogen fuel cell technology with Doosan’s cutting-edge engineering and large-scale manufacturing expertise. Those capabilities are reflected in our core product, PureCell®, a proprietary phosphoric acid fuel cell (PAFC) power and heat generation unit. HyAxiom, as we have renamed ourselves, deftly combines these two rich legacies: expertise in cutting-edge hydrogen technology and a proven track record of scaled-up knowhow in engineering and mass manufacturing. Building on these foundations, we stand for accelerating worldwide adoption of hydrogen-based clean energy solutions. Some quick facts about Doosan Group as a global leader in energy and mass manufacturing:

  • One of the largest global heavy machinery and equipment manufacturers
  • One of the most advanced nuclear power equipment makers
  • One of the few global large-scale gas turbine manufacturers
  • A leading on-shore/off-shore wind turbine and energy storage system manufacturer

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Our Present: Building your carbon-free future, today.

Building on our dual DNAs of hydrogen expertise and scaled-up engineering and manufacturing, HyAxiom has become an established market leader in the global hydrogen ecosystem.

We’re accelerating the change toward a carbon-free, sustainable future by developing, manufacturing and servicing dependable and cost-effective hydrogen fuel cells and other innovative hydrogen solutions. We’ve continued to innovate, constantly upgrading our existing products and services as well as developing a new pipeline. As a result of these efforts, we have deployed one of the largest installed bases of stationary fuel cells worldwide. A few HyAxiom firsts and highlights: A few HyAxiom firsts and highlights:

  • The first model with hydrogen direct input
  • The only known model with interchangeable fuel sources (natural gas, LPG and hydrogen)
  • The first and largest direct hydrogen-powered fuel cell plant
  • The first double-decker fuel cell power plant
  • The largest natural gas fuel cell power plant, currently
  • The first and largest LPG fuel cell power plant, currently

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Our Future

We are proud of our accomplishments to date, but our mission is not yet finished. We continue to advance our existing technological competencies and utilize our relationships with customers, governments and strategic partners to further our value proposition across industry sectors and throughout geographic regions. Building on our accumulated expertise in PAFC, we are relentlessly refining our current products and services and expanding our product portfolio across the entire hydrogen ecosystem—and we will do so until we, together with our customers, can reach a net-zero carbon future.

We are actively developing next-generation technologies to target nascent segments across the hydrogen value chain with significant growth potential, including clean hydrogen production and fuel cell solutions for land and maritime transportation applications, such as buses, trucks and heavy-duty specialty vehicles on land, as well as for large vessels for deep-sea voyage.

Our unmatched expertise puts us in a strategic position to increase the speed of development and adoption of these new technologies, just as we did for stationary fuel cells with our PAFC products. We intend to fully leverage the knowledge and experience gained from developing and commercializing our existing technologies in expanding into new next-generation and end-to-end hydrogen applications, including green hydrogen production (both on-grid and off-grid), long-haul maritime propulsion and heavy-duty commercial vehicles, and more.

For our growth and future value propositions, we intend to fully embrace Doosan Group’s supportive relationship and network. Our special relationship with Doosan provides us with key advantages, including advanced engineering and mass manufacturing expertise. We will also benefit from Doosan Group’s global network of customers and strategic partnerships as well as its continued strong government relationships in South Korea and beyond.

In addition, our affiliate, Doosan Fuel Cell Corporation, a publicly listed South Korean corporation and a member of Doosan Group, is a licensee of our PAFC and other upcoming technologies, and markets and distributes our solutions in South Korea.

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