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Powering your carbon-free future, today

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Who is HyAxiom?

We develop, manufacture and service hydrogen fuel cells and other innovative hydrogen energy solutions for utility, industrial and commercial customers who seek cleaner and more reliable and sustainable energy sources to lower their carbon footprint.

We are a leading provider of stationary fuel cell solutions in some of the world’s largest and fastest-growing markets. We are developing next-generation technologies for clean hydrogen production and clean fuel cell solutions for land and maritime transportation.

Our mission is to accelerate a carbon-free energy future by delivering a full spectrum of reliable and cost-effective hydrogen solutions.

Our History
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HyAxiom Purecell System

Why HyAxiom?

HyAxiom combines two words: “hydrogen” and “axiom”, which means self-evident truth. We take it as an axiomatic truth that hydrogen, the most abundant element in the universe, is critical to accelerating sustainable carbon-free energy.

Our goal is to create an entire value chain based on a clean hydrogen ecosystem with a zero-carbon footprint, taking a giant step toward a sustainable, reliable energy future.

Our Mission
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What is a Fuel Cell?

A fuel cell generates electricity—and in many cases, heat—through the interaction of hydrogen or hydrogen-containing fuel and oxygen through oxidation, an electrochemical process. The resulting chemical reaction produces electricity and heat. Unlike fossil fuel energy sources, such as coal or oil, hydrogen-based fuel cells operate without combustion, making them virtually pollution-free.

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Model 400 NG

Our scalable PureCell® Model 400 operates on clean, efficient natural gas. Our system generates 460 kW of clean electricity and 1.7 million BTU of usable heat. The system can run at 440 kW or 460 kW depending on customer needs.

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Model 400 Hydrogen

Our PureCell® Model 400 Hydrogen is a highly efficient, eco-friendly hydrogen energy solution. It generates 460 kW of clean energy and water. This system also generates 1.7 million BTU of usable heat and is able to run on green hydrogen.

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Model 400 LPG/NG Dual

Our LPG/NG model is engineered to operate in regions where natural gas pipelines are not present, or where LPG is abundant and relatively cheap. This energy solution is optimally designed to operate as an emergency power supply—it can operate in dual modes to supply clean energy and heat. The system can run on high power mode (HP), which generates a higher heat output of 460 kW.

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Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) Electrolyzers

PEM electrolyzers generate hydrogen by breaking up water molecules through an electrochemical process called electrolysis. When powered by renewable sources of energy, such as solar or wind, electrolyzers can produce clean hydrogen for various on-site applications such as blending with natural gas to serve as feedstock for combined cycle power plants or as a means of storage for electricity, thus acting as a viable alternative to conventional batteries, but with a lower environmental footprint.

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PureCell® Model Tri-Gen System

The Tri-Gen system, a modification of the PureCell® Model 400, co-generates hydrogen, electricity and heat on-site simultaneously making it optimal for use in electric and hybrid vehicle charging. Through a wide deployment of these systems, HyAxiom seeks to provide a comprehensive, end-to-end solution for the commercial vehicle mobility market.

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Upcoming Solutions

Learn more about our solutions currently in development.

Upcoming Products
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