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PureCell®️ Model 400 Hydrogen

Our Hydrogen PureCell® Model 400 Hydrogen emits zero greenhouse gases while serving as a highly efficient, eco-friendly energy solution. This model can generate up to 440 kW of clean electricity and up to 352 kW (1.2 MMBtu/ hr) of heat suitable for space heating, cooling and other uses.

Using green hydrogen, the PureCell® Model 400 Hydrogen provides 24/7 clean, sustainable and autonomous power and heat generation for CHP, microgrid, utility and other applications.

  • Fuel: Hydrogen

  • Size: 29.4’ x 8.7’ x 10’

  • Rated Output: 440 kW

  • Heat Supply: Up to 352 kW at up to 250°F

PureCell Model 400 Hydrogen





Key Features & Benefits:

  • Load Following
  • Zero Emissions (No CO2, CO, NOx, SOx, or VOCs)
  • 24/7 Green Power and Heat
  • No water input required for operation in any rated ambient conditions