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We offer a range of services for the maintenance and operation of our products and solutions. Whether you need project development, installation, real-time reporting about your system, technical maintenance services or financial solutions, we’re here to help.

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Project Development

Every project is different and requires special attention and analysis. HyAxiom project development experts will conduct a thorough energy analysis of your facility to determine the best economic application for the fuel cell. We then develop a conceptual design to optimally integrate the system with your building’s electrical and mechanical systems. Our team has expertise working with all state incentive programs and will help customers to interpret and apply them properly.

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Fuel cell being delivered via crane to a building


The installation process must be handled with precision and care to deliver the utmost quality to our customers. Our installation team works with some of the industry’s most experienced contractors to design, permit, interconnect, install and integrate PureCell® systems at customer sites. We can manage projects for our customers from beginning to end, or act as key technical experts for the customer’s construction team. In either scenario, we will be satisfied only when each and every PureCell® system is installed to our rigorous site design and installation standards.

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Remote Monitoring and Control

We are accessible 24/7 to continuously deliver quality care even after the installation is complete. Our Control Center employs highly skilled engineers and technicians available 24/7 to answer questions about any PureCell® system. Control Center personnel monitor the global fleet of PureCell® systems around the clock, ensuring all power plants are operating at optimal performance levels. Through continuous monitoring, potential issues are typically identified and resolved before a system interruption occurs, providing customers with maximum system uptime.

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Technical Maintenance and Support

We provide technical maintenance and support services 24/7 through remote monitoring to all of our deployed PureCell® units typically for a period of 10 to 20 years. Our in-house service team consists of dedicated field service personnel in the Northeast and California, as well as in our branch office in South Korea.

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Financing Options

We can offer a customer with flexible financing solutions that align with the customer’s long-term commercial needs. The financing options that we offer for long-term use of our PureCell® units include:

  • Direct capital acquisitions
  • Tax equity financing
  • Operating leases
  • Capital leases
  • Power purchase agreements

Our financing team has developed strong partnerships with numerous trusted finance providers with experience in distributed energy projects and helps structure financing solutions to meet the specific needs of our customers.