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The applications for our products range from commercial buildings, data centers, industrial manufacturing plants, microgrids and more. Installations can be configured as single fuel cell, multiple fuel cells or multi-units composed of multiple fuel cells. Our fuel cells can be installed indoors, outdoors, on rooftops and in stacks. We provide critical solutions to customers requiring immense, resilient power supplies in times of unexpected outages and natural disasters such as blackouts or hurricanes. Our technical experts collaborate with our customers to create tailored energy solutions addressing their efficiency and reliability requirements.

Aerial view of electrical grid substation

Flexible Upgrade Solutions for Electric Utilities

Electric utilities, which currently represent our largest customer group, are under pressure to improve the reliability of, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions from, their infrastructure assets while minimizing large capital outlays for grid improvement. Our modular fuel cell units allow electric utilities to supplement their power generation capacities incrementally in a flexible manner that is best suited for each particular project. In addition, installing our PureCell® products to augment grid capacity is more cost-effective and less time-consuming than traditional substation upgrades.

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Exterior of hospital building

Efficient Combined Heat and Power for Industrial Uses

Our PureCell® product can deliver up to 460 or 440 kilowatts of power with an electrical efficiency of 43% and heat efficiency of 47%, for a combined total efficiency of up to 90%, which is better than any traditional power generation source or other hydrogen fuel cell. This combined efficiency provides significant economic savings for our industrial and commercial customers that require or benefit from both electricity and heat, as well as to utilities that provide electricity and heat to residential households. Using our PureCell® products, these customers can reduce their carbon footprint by more than 50% and reduce their dependence on the grid by more than 40%.

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Reliable Performance for Mission-Critical Facilities

Customers with mission-critical infrastructures, such as hospitals and data centers, depend on the reliability of our PureCell products to provide round-the-clock power with little to no interruption.

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Resilient Source of Energy for Micro-Grid Installations

In addition to extreme weather, an increase in intermittent addition of electricity generation from solar and wind continue to burden the aging grid infrastructure, which are likely to cause more outages and disruptions in power distribution. As a solution, customers are turning to micro-grids that can help mitigate grid disruptions. Load cycling capability and high reliability of our PureCell® products in micro-grid settings can help ensure continuous power supply for crucial infrastructures such as airports, hospitals and military bases.

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Compact Low-Impact Energy Generation Suitable for a Variety of Locations

Our PureCell® product requires small space to install and maintain, allowing their installations in outdoors, indoors, in basements and on rooftops, which gives customers significant flexibility in adopting our fuel cells for on-site clean energy generation. The compactness of our product also allows dual- or triple-stacked installations. In addition, because they operate with relatively little noise, they can be installed in urban centers and near residential areas where other power generating solutions are not feasible due to excess size requirements or noise level. Our PureCell® products have powered college campuses, office buildings, hotels, healthcare companies and supermarkets.

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