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PureCell®, when fueled by natural gas, emits significantly lower emissions than conventional power plants using fossil fuels. When fueled by hydrogen, PureCell® has even lower emissions.

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PureCell®, which uses an electrochemical process for power generation, is a safe technology as it is combustion-free and does not create high pressure within the generation unit. The safety of fuel cell technology has been well-recognized since the first use of fuel cells in the NASA space programs in the 1960s. In addition, our PureCell® have received strict international engineering and safety certifications, which are conducted periodically.

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We have designed our PureCell® units to minimize energy loss and maximize energy efficiency, especially when heat generation by our units is factored in. As a result, a single PureCell® unit can power more than 340 average U.S. homes.

Our PureCell® units have a compact size (about the size of a cargo container), can be set up in multiple configurations (including in stacks) and therefore can fit into various locations where space is tight or expensive.

Efficient Energy

Highly efficient, combined heat and power generator, producing heat and electricity at the same time.

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Low Energy Loss

Energy is supplied to end users with minimum energy loss.

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Compact Size

Our compact sized fuel cells best fit for expensive premises. Our products can be installed anywhere such as outdoors, indoors, in multi-stored buildings.

Compact Size Diagram

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Minimum energy loss and high efficiency enables us to maximize productivity. In addition, you can install HyAxiom products in small spaces with minimum investment under various conditions.

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